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Meet The Cast

Paul Macleish


Born and raised on the Scottish Border in the U.K., Paul has been playing Celtic music since the age of fourteen. He was taught the bagpipes by his father in Scotland and has won numerous competitions in both the USA and Scotland. In addition to the bagpipes, Paul also plays guitar, mandolin, whistles, bodhran, and Irish bouzouki.

Beyond music, Paul is an avid long-distance hiker, historian, and storyteller. He incorporates the history and stories behind the tunes into his performances, drawing on his knowledge of Celtic culture. Many of the songs he has written were inspired by his long hiking expeditions.


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Out of the Glen, Celtic theater Show, Tampa
Out of the Glen, Celtic theater Show, Orlando Florida
Celtic theater show 'Out of the Glen,' New York USA

Chelle Fulk  


Chelle's fiddling career began on a horse farm nestled in the hills of rural Virginia. Since then, she has played in numerous classical, rock, and Celtic ensembles, captivating audiences at both private and public events around the globe. Her remarkable talent has graced the ears of three US Presidents, and she has toured with orchestras and bands throughout Germany, Denmark, Peru, England, Wales, and Spain. Chelle's playing is also featured on numerous CDs, including her two solo albums.

Chelle's musical versatility is on full display, having performed everything from Bernstein in Germany, English Country Dance in Denmark, to Zeppelin on cruise ships, and nautical music in Bermuda. She brings her unique blend of genre-bending and culture-blending style to North of Argyll, eagerly anticipating where her next adventure will lead.

When not behind the fiddle, Chelle continues to explore the world, whether on horseback, bicycle, or with sturdy footwear.

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Modern celtic Music, North of Argyll
Out of the Glen, Celtic theater show, Miami , Florida
Modern Celtic Music

Dominick Mandano


With over 30 years of experience, Dominick is a seasoned percussionist who has mastered Blues, Jazz, and Rock drumming, as well as Celtic and Tribal rhythm. His rhythmic contributions to the band's live sound add an extra level of excitement.

Beyond his musical prowess, Dominick is also an expert carpenter who spends his spare time making furniture and customizing the band's trailer. He brings a positive and enthusiastic personality to the team, and his willingness to experiment with the possibilities of percussion is contagious.


'Out f the Glen, Celtic theater show, Tampa Florida
Out of the Glen, Celtic theater show, Tampa Florida
Celtic Music,Scottish music,for hire, Tampa, 727-373-8648

KT Scott (Scotty)


During the week, Dr. Scott (PhD) serves as a Biology professor. KT, a highly intelligent woman with a brilliant sense of humor, is also an accomplished competition bagpiper who has won many piping competitions in the USA over the past few years. In addition to her bagpipe expertise, she is a wonderful Irish whistle player, accomplished bass drummer, and skilled accordionist.

KT's exceptional bagpiping abilities enable the band to re-create the studio sound with precision during live performances. Additionally, Scotty is a gifted songwriter and arranger, further adding to the band's creative capabilities.


'Out of the Glen,' Celtic theater show Orlando Florida
'Out of the Glen,' Scottish theater show, Tampa Florida

Chelsea Smith

As a multi-talented musician, Chelsea showcases her skills on a range of instruments, including electric bass guitar, classical and Celtic violin, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, and vocals.

Chelsea is a full-time member of the "Out of the Glen" theater show, which the band performs in theaters throughout the USA.

Aside from performing, Chelsea is also a music teacher, sharing her knowledge and passion with aspiring musicians. For more information about Chelsea, please visit her website.

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Erin Oh


Erin Oh is a talented musician with a diverse skill set. As a classically trained violinist, she has honed her craft to a fine degree. Additionally, she is an expert in the Celtic fiddle style and can seamlessly switch between the two.

Erin's versatility doesn't end there, as she is also a skilled vocalist and bass guitarist. She has showcased her musical abilities in several "Out of the Glen" shows, leaving audiences mesmerized with her performances.

When not being part of the cast, Erin juggles her music career with her role as a professional Mom, balancing her passion for music with her family responsibilities.

Northof Argyll, Tampa Florida, Celtic Scottish music
Celtic, Scottish Music, orlando, North of Argyll
'Out of the Glen,' Celtic theater show, Orlando, Florida
'Out of the Glen,' celtic theater show, Tampa, Florida
'Out of the Glen,' Celtic theater show, Miami, Florida

Chris Krause


The latest addition to the band is Chris, an experienced percussionist with over twenty-five years of musical background in rock, blues, contemporary, and now Celtic genres.

Chris's exceptional skills in percussion lend an impressive backbeat to the band's sound, elevating the music to new heights. On top of his musical abilities, Chris is also known for his amiable personality, making him a joy to work with.

North of Argyll, Celtic band in Tampa, Florida
North of Argyll, Celtic band in Tampa Florida

Gemma Briggs


Gemma is a professional bagpipe player from Florida.

She is also a multi-talented artist, playing bagpipes, small-pipes, guitar, bass guitar, and vocals in the show.

Gemma has also toured with the Celtic band 'North of Argyll.'

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