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North of Argyll, Scottish music celtic music, Tampa, Florida

Out of the Glen

Theater Show 

Panama City, Fl

Thank you for such an amazing show.

It was a great production, and I look forward to your return to PCB in June with one of your other shows! You guys really are the best!

Joyce C.Oakley

Todd Herendeen Theater

Panama City

Out of the Glen

Theater Show

Panama City, Fl

I would highly recommend this show to anyone who loves Scotland. It is unique, set to great Scottish music and a joy to watch. This band is amazing and will rock the house.

Jan Carlton

President, Panama Scottish games


Out of the Glen, theater Show 

Dunedin, Fl

I had the great pleasure to present the new show, Out Of The Glen, to our audience at the Scottish American Society Hall in Dunedin Florida.

It was a truly wonderful visual and musical experience as they transported us to the lands of the Gaels through an entertaining mix of original story songs and traditional tunes, all brought to life by a dazzling photographic display of the most scenic and historic settings, and accompanied by the most masterful and exciting musicianship. 

Michael Lange

President & Director
Mad Gael Productions

Out of the Glen, theater show. The Scottish American Society, Dunedin, Fl. 

 North of Argyll, gave us more than a 'show,' at the

performance at the Scottish American Society venue.

They gave us a night of pure musical delight while sharing stories of our heritage on the screen.

Diane Burke

President , Scottish American Society of Dunedin


Out of the Glen, theater Show 

New Port Richey, Fl


We had two 'Out of the Glen,' shows at our New Port Richey theater. We sold 90% capacity on the first show and sold out on the second. We received very positive reviews. We will definitely be inviting this show back.

Theater Director

Sunshine Coast Theater

Out of the Glen, Scottish theater show
Out of the Glen, Celtic theater show, Florida
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